Hooked : Issue 36 : Seahorse Kontikis Newsletter



It seems like we have had five months of autumn, and 4 weeks of winter, but the weather is getting warmer and the fish start moving it closer to the beach, And everyone start thinking about dusting off the Seahorse Kontiki and heading to the beach.

We have have a couple of busy months leading up to Christmas, both here in New Zealand and overseas.

Service Your Seahorse Equipment

With the warmer weather we all start thinking about getting down the beach and fishing. So it is time to get your Seahorse equipment checked and serviced to make sure it is working at peak efficiently when you finally get the car packed up and go fishing. There is nothing worse than arriving at the beach and finding your batteries flat.

First check your hooks and traces. You need sharp hook to catch fish. If they are blunt or rusty, they need replacing.

Can you find your weights, and do you have enough?

Are your batteries fully charged. If they have been sitting unused all winter, it will be worthwhile giving them a charge to top them up. It's also worthwhile testing your batteries to ensure they still perform. You can either bring the batteries for us to test, or you can do it yourself.

The best way to test the batteries is to run them in your kontiki in water. Either a spa pool, cattle trough, or wheelie bin fill of water. Don't use the bath as you'll get into a lot of trouble!!. The motor and prop needs to be covered so the motor is under load when working. Run each battery separately and watch the run. The small batteries should run for 8 minutes and the large ones for 14 minutes. Feel around the battery after the run and if there are any hot spots, this is a clear sign of a failing battery. Replace any failed or below par batteries.

If your Seahorse Kontiki is not running for as long as it did last summer, it is most likely the batteries that are at fault.

The grand opening of Hunting & Fishing - North Shore - 15th October 2016

Hunting & Fishing - North Shore are having their grand opening this weekend, and Seahorse will be there to answer any questions you may have. We will be instore from approx. 10:30am until 1:00pm. Both Tracey and myself will be there to show and promote the Seahorse products. With Hunting & Fishing North Shore we are offering a free set of extra batteries (1*8an & 1*14ah) for any Seahorse GPS Electric Packs sold during the opening weekend. 

Muriwai Beach demonstration - 15th October 2016

Following our time instore, Tracey and I will be heading to Muriwai Beach (west of Auckland) to demonstrate the Seahorse GPS Kontiki. The demo will be from 2:30pm to 4:00pm. We will be on Muriwai Beach at the vehicle beach access situated off the end of Coast Road, north end of the golf course.

The forecast isn't the best, with 3.8 metre swells rolling into the beach. We will assess the conditions when we arrive at the beach and modify the demo to match the conditions.

USA - Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show - Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Seahorse Phil is jetting off to Fort Lauderdale in Florida to attend the largest and most famous boat show in the world. Seahorse Kontikis will be promoting the Seahorse S30 Kontiki and Braid Winch in Booth 4122. The show runs from Thrusday, November the 3rd to Monday, the 7th. This five day show has over 100,000 people visiting. It's the place to go to buy your next super yacht, and depending on the number of kontikis I sell, I could be in the market - yea right!


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LegaSea has been doing a lot of great work. They are currently raising money to find out what recreational fishing is worth to New Zealand. Visit https://givealittle.co.nz/fundraiser/whatsfishingworth/ to donate. Every little bit helps, as they are doing you you and your kids.


Please keep the fishing stories and photos coming in, it's great to see what everyone is doing.