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Seahorse Kontiki App to operate the Seahorse S30 Kontiki Link to App

Latest Brochure - Click here to download the latest brochure


Latest Seahorse™ Manual - The Current Seahorse™ manual outlines the correct operating of the Seahorse™ Kontiki, winch and other products. Also watch the instructional video's below.


Seahorse Dropper Rig - Click here to download the Operating Instructions for the Seahorse Dropper Rig. Download

Warranty Card - Click here to download the Warranty Card. Complete and return to us.


Battery Charger Manual - Click here to download the Seahorse Battery Charger Manual. Download

DVD Playing on Computer - To play the Seahorse Instructional DVD on a computer, you will need to have a DVD playing program installed. We have used the following free DVD player you can download from the Internet.


Download and then install, and the DVD should work.


KontikiDrones - Trident 5000

Manual for Trident 5000 KontikiDrone - Click here for the latest manual for the Trident KontikiDrone Download
Warranty Card for KontikiDrone - Click here to download the Warranty Card. Complete and return to us. Download

KONTIKIDRONES - Earlier Models

Manual for EX-2 KontikiDrone - Click here for the latest manual for the EX-2 KontikiDrone Download
Manual for REVO4 KontikiDrone - Click here for the latest manual for the REVO4 KontikiDrone Download
Manual for SkyDroid T10 Transmitter  - Manual for the EX-2 Transmitter Download
SkyDroid Tower App - To Operate the EX-2 Cuta Copter Download
SkyDrone Device Helper Download

How to's

Battery care - Correct care of your batteries is essential to get top performance from your batteries. Here are some helpful tips on battery care.


General Tips - We get asked a lot of questions about Kontiki fishing and what or how to do certain things. There are some of the answers to those questions.


Winch Care -  A short guide to winch care. It's nice and short because there is not much to do.


Demonstration Videos

either watch below or go to our YouTube channel -

Seahorse Introduction Video
STD Seahorse Kontiki Features
GPS Seahorse Kontiki Features
How to Set and Operate the GPS Autopilot
How to Operate the Seahorse Kontiki Speed Controller
How to launch your Seahorse Kontiki
How to operate your Electric Winch
How to use the Manual Hand Reel
How to use the Traceboard
The Seahorse Trolleys
Seahorse Accessories
Visit the Seahorse Factory
After Fishing
Seahorse Maintenance
Seahorse Kontiki Catches
Battery Handle

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