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Battery - 9ah

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Battery - 9ah$95.00

The smaller 9ah battery is the smaller of the two batteries used in the Seahorse™Kontiki's.

The older Seahorse 30's used 2 * 9ah batteries, or the twin 9ah batteries for the very old units.



All Lead Acid Batteries need to be kept fully charged. If they are left unchanged, then they will very quickly lose their capacity, and your run-time will shorten.

Lead Acid Batteries will self discharge, and need to be topped up (every three months) if not being used. 

We recommend charging all you batteries after a fishing trip, whether they were used or not. We also suggest placing them on the charger before you go fishing to ensure they are fully charged.

Remove the batteries from the Seahorse when charging. Try and use and charging the same batteries together. Labeling them is a good way to achieve this. Ensure your connectors are greased with melded grease every six months.


All sealed lead acid (SLA)batteries have a designed life (dropped to 60% of original capacity) of 3 to 5 years, depending on their application.

They are designed to be kept fully charged and to be discharged slowly, over hours, not minutes. The Seahorse Kontiki discharges the batteries very quickly, and this effects their effective life. 

The Seahorse batteries have a 12 month warranty, and we expect they should last 2 years before you see a noticeable drop in performance. Having said that, we have seen batteries 5 years old, going better then new. 

Older batteries can be used on the winch, where the demands aren't as high, or for shorter sets. 


Either drop you old batteries into the Seahorse factory shop in Tauriko, Tauranga, or go your local Rubbish transfer centre.
Do not dispose of them in the normal rubbish collection, as they contain lead and acid.  

Height - 95mm

Length - 150mm

Width - 65mm

Weight -    kg

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