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Seahorse™ Manual Beach Trolley

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Seahorse™ Manual Beach Trolley$750.00

The Seahorse™ Beach Trolley is totally dismantable so it can fit into the boot of your car and it will carry the Seahorse fishing system and all your fishing gear to your favourite spot. The large, plastic rimmed, inflatable wheels are easy to manoeuvre across soft sand and along the beach so you can quickly get to your spot away from immediate beach access points.

The Seahorse Beach Trolley is made from a strong and light aluminium tube and comes with a two part treated plywood top. The trolley has been designed so the Seahorse Electric Winch fits neatly into its base without the need for any fasteners, while your kontiki, traceboard, and other gear is secured on top. The trolley can be easily pushed or pulled to your location, and is well balanced so the front wheel can be lifted if required.

It is also possible to use the Seahorse Electric Winch to haul the trolley up the beach while using the remote switch. Packing down is simple: The beach trolley frame unclips into 5 small parts to stow in your car and the three wheels and axles can be removed and stowed away in a small space.

The trolley is designed to hold and carry all or part of the Seahorse system.

This allows you to escape the immediate area around the beach access points and extend your fishing area.

• The Seahorse Winch sits securely in the trolley keeping its weight low down. You can take the side bar off the trolley to easily remove the winch

.• The wooden top can be used as a table or a seat.

• The winch can be used with our remote control switch to winch the trolley across the beach.

• The trolley can be assembled or dismantled in less than 60 seconds.

• The dismantled trolley stacks neatly in the car or for storing.

• The large wheels have specifically been chosen to suit use in sand. 

• The trolley is designed to be pushed on hard surfaces, and pulled through soft sand.


Width - deck and wheel base - 750mm

Deck height - 650mm

Handle height - 1000mm

length including handle - 1250mm

Length of base - 1000mm

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