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Extended Warranty and Care Package

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Extended Warranty and Care Package$450.00

The Extended Warranty Care Package can be purchased at the time of purchase and renewed for an additional 12 months (total 24 months) at the annual service.

The Extended Warranty Car Package will include

  • Extending the standard warranty period from 6 months to 12 months,

  • Able to purchase an additional 12 months, extending the warranty to a maximum of 24 months.

  • All mechanical and electrical repairs.

  • A free Annual Service (see above) check and update.


  • Plus The right to purchase a replacement Seahorse Revo4 KontikiDrone at a heavily discounted price if your Seahorse Revo4 KontikiDrone is lost at sea - conditions apply.


Please note this is not an insurance policy and does not cover thief.

The Extended Warranty Care Package offers peace of mind flying and the assurance that the Team at Seahorse will be there to resolve any issues that may arise.



The standard warranty on the KontikiDrone is only six warranty and this care package will double it to 12 months which will cover all mechanical and electrical repairs that may not normally be covered under warranty.

Free Annual (12 month) service. In addition to the complementary six month service, the care package will include the first annual service for free (worth $200). The annual service is a complete check over the KontikiDrone including re-doing the calibrations and updating the flight controller software.

After the first twelve months, you can purchase an additional 12 months of extended warranty coverage on the completion of the first annual service. This will extend the benefits for an additional 12 months to a maximum of 24 months.

If the worst happens and you lose your REVO4 KontikiDrone at sea, you are able to replace it at a 50% discount on the list price. This includes the drone and one battery (what was lost at sea) and the transmitter needs to be returned to Seahorse to be matched to the drone. It does not include the back pack, extra batteries or other accessories that may have been supplied at purchase.



The Extended Warranty Care Package must be purchased within one month of purchasing the drone.

The 12 months runs from the date of drone purchase. If there is confusion over this date, Seahorse will use the date they sold it to either the customer or the retailer.

This is valid for one drone replacement only.

The package cannot be transferred or on-sold to anyone else. Please note the new owner may wish to purchase a care package for the remainder of the period.

The drone will be replaced with a similar or same model as what was lost.

Only valid in New Zealand

Seahorse Equipment Limited has the final decision.


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