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Seahorse Revo4 KontikiDrone

Seahorse Revo4 KontikiDrone

Seahorse Revo4 KontikiDrone
Seahorse Revo4 KontikiDrone
Seahorse Revo4 KontikiDrone
Seahorse Revo4 KontikiDrone
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Seahorse Revo4 KontikiDrone$3495.00

Due to Co-Vid-19 Lockdown restrictions in South Africa, The REVO 4 Drone is currently unavailable .


This amazing fishing drone will pull 25 hooks up to 1 Kilometre offshore. It can also be used to carry very large baits (maximum 4kg's) to chase sharks and other game fish from any land-based location

This simple, easy to use KontikiDrone is the first affordable fishing drone that will deliver the performance everyone has been waiting for.


  • Seahorse Revo4 KontikiDrone

  • Pre-Programmed transmitter (controller)

  • Four * 16 inch Carbon Propellers

  • Two * Seahorse high-performance LiPo batteries

  • One safety release clip.

  • One Battery Charger

  • One Battery voltage tester

  • One 110cm Landing Pad (great protection from sand)

  • Manual and Operating Instructions

  • All in it’s own purpose made backpack

  • A complimentary six month service and checkup


LEARN TO FLY TRAINING PACKAGES will be available – details to come.

We know learning to fly a drone for the first time is scary and as I know from personal experience, it can be expensive. To helpout, Seahorse is offering a range of Learn to Fly training packages to help get you started. These will range from an hour at the Seahorse factory to a full days training at a beach near you.

Details Here - Click Here



Flight features

  • GPS controlled Flight mode or a stabilised or manual flight mode (GPS mode highly recommended)

  • Return to launch (Return to home) with auto-landing.

  • 1,100-metre range (Geo-fenced)

  • 50-metre maximum altitude – won’t endanger other aircraft

  • Reliable one switch bait/line release

  • One stick arming and disarming

  • Simple plug-in and fly – Seahorse will do the calibrations

  • 25 minute no load flight time (hover) at sea level

  • 7 minute flight time with a 2kg payload

Physical features

  • Tri-pod landing feet – secure landing on any surface

  • Large indicating LED visible in direct sunlight

  • Powerful – simple screw on/off 16-inch carbon propellers

  • Anti-corrosion treatment on motors and electronics.

    •  Sand resistant motors (helps prevent rust, and motor cleaning)

  • Condensation proof electronics

  • Stainless steel bearings in motors

  • Lube hole access for both motor bearings – easy maintenance

  • Simple reliable Drop on-demand Bait release

  • Line saver – this helps to prevent the line from going into the propellers

  • Internal closed cell lightweight floatation

  • Integrated handle for low profile and convenience

  • Modern asymmetric shape for easy visibility

Excellent fly time.

  • 25 mins no load at sea level

  • Over seven minutes with a 2kg payload

The Seahorse Revo4 KontikiDrone is a fishing drone, designed to carry large baits out to sea and return. They are built tough for the marine environment. They are not designed to land and take off from water, but they do have built-in floatation to keep them afloat if the worse happens.

The Seahorse KontikiDrones are simple and easy to use, easy to fly and reliable.



It is a well-known fact for drones that gravity works harder over water. If something goes wrong, it could be a wet landing. It is important that your KontikiDrone is operating correctly and everything is excellent working order.

Seahorse will be offering an annual service that will cover a complete service and performance check of the KontikiDrone. Our fully trained staff will also be able to perform any repairs, servicing or testing required.

The service will include

  • Testing all the batteries

  • Performance of the motors

  • Performance of the electronics

  • Checking the condition of the Kontiki and its components.

  • Ensuring everything is working as it should, including a test flight.

Seahorse is offering a complementary service and checkup after your first six months of flying.



The Seahorse Revo4 KontikiDrone will be a nine month warranty to registered KontikiDrone owners, otherwise the warranty is limted to six months. This warranty costs the repair or replacement of faulty parts caused by faulty workmanship or faulty materials.

The warranty does not cover the loss of a Seahorse KontikiDrone, line or accessories. It does not cover damage caused by misuse or water damage.

Please note you must register your KontikiDrone with Seahorse to get the extended nine month warranty.



A 12 month Extended Warranty Care Package can be purchased at the time of purchase and renewed for an additional 12 months (total 24 months) at the annual service.

The Extended Warranty Car Package will include

  • The Annual Service (see above)

  • Repairing damaged parts caused by things that may not have been your fault.

  • us the right to purchase a replacement Seahorse Revo4 KontikiDrone at a heavily discounted price if your Seahorse Revo4 KontikiDrone is lost at sea - conditions apply.

  • Please note this is not an insurance policy and does not cover thief.

The Extended Warranty Care Package offers peace of mind flying and the assurance that the Team at Seahorse will be there to resolve any issues that may arise.

Click here for more information - Click



Drones are generally covered under Household contents insurance, but different companies have different limits to what they will pay.

Seahorse recommends you register your KontikiDrone with your insurance company and get it specified on the policy. - The serial Number for the kontiki is displayed in your Transmitter.

Talk to your insurance company as to any special requirements they may require to have the drone covered while you are using it. Generally you will need to be flying within Civil Aviation Authority rules to be covered.



The Seahorse REVO4 KontikiDrone is manufactured in South Africa by Cuta-Copters. Cuta-Copters have customised their REVO4 to meet the unique requirements of New Zealand Kontiki Fishing. Seahorse will be able to perform repairs on Cuta-Copters but they are not covered under the Seahorse warranty.

Cuta-Copter has been a leading manufacturer of fishing drones since 2014 and has continued to develop and innovate their product making it what it is today. We believe Cuta-Copter makes one of the best performing and affordable fishing drones anywhere. That is why we are offering them under the Seahorse brand.


What is the Maximum flight range of the Seahorse REVO4 KontikiDrone?

The Seahorse REVO4 KonitkiDrone has a geo-fenced limit of 1,100 metres from its launch site. This means you can drop your baits at 1km (1000 metres) while the REVO4 KontikiDrone is still flying forward.

The REVO4 will fly out to 1100 metres and then stop and hover. If at this point you haven't dropped your bait, you can fly the REVO4 to either the left or right and drop your line while the REVO4 is moving, thus laying your traces at 1,100 metres. If you drop while the drone is stopped, the traces will just land in a heap.


How high does the REVO4 fly?

The Seahorse REVO4 has a maximum flight height of 50 metres above the launch site. We are not fishing for flying fish or Seagulls. If your hooks are spaced two metres apart you can have 25 traces.


What is the maximum flight time of the REVO4?

The REVO4 will hover for approximately 25 minutes before landing.

Once any drone is moving or carrying a load, flight time will drop. For example, the REVO4 while carrying a two KG load will hover and fly about locally for over seven minutes.

The battery supplied with the Seahorse REVO4 is plenty of capacity to complete one set to 1,100 metres or multiple sets to shorter distances.



How much load can the REVO4 lift?

The maximum payload we recommend for the Seahorse REVO4 is four kgs. The practical maximum payload is 3.5kg’s and this can be delivered up to 500 metres offshore. 3.5kg’s is a seriously big piece of bait.

Please note your flight time will be limited and control and handling will be slower due to the large payload. Only experienced pilots with good piloting skills should attempt flying with such large payloads. The manual has a table to assist in calculating flight time and distance for different payloads.

Heavier payloads increase the chance of crashing.


How many hooks can the REVO4 carry

Seahorse recommends a maximum of 25 hooks. With a flight attitude of 50 metres we can have a two metre spacing between each hook.

If the hooks are positioned closer together, then more hooks could be carried.


How heavy is the REVO4 KontikiDrone

The Seahorse REVO4 KontikiDrone is 2.8kg’s with the battery installed.

The REVO4 has no excess weight and this allows all the power to be used to pull and carry baits out to sea. There is not power wasted carrying items such as cameras that do not add anything to the kontiki fishing experience.


Are the REVO4 KontikiDrones easy to damage.

The REVO4 is supplied with a padded backpack. This gives a simple safe method of carrying and storing your REVO4 drone. They are designed for rock and beach fishing and Cuta-Copter builds them as tough as a Springbok Prop.

While the REVO4 is tough, you do need to maintain it to a high standard. Do not fly it with damaged props or batteries. To help, Seahorse will do a complimentary service check when the REVO4 KontikiDrone is six months old.


Why is swing load stability important?

When carrying a large payload such as a 2.5kg live bait, the load can swing like a pendulum and become unstable. The REVO4 and its powerful motors can control the swinging and fly where you want. This means less chance of crashing and damaging your drone.

If you are flying big baits (more than 1.0kg), the further you can have the weight below the drone the slower the bait will swing and this makes it easier for the drone to adjust and maintain a steady flight.


Is the REVO4 waterproof?

The short answer is nearly, because no drone is 100% waterproof.

The long answer we have done everything we can to protect the electronics and components. The electronic controls are encased in resin to protect from water moisture and the flight controller is in an internal protective box. The motors have anti-corrosion protection, we use stainless steel bearings and there is built in floatation – just in case.

From our many years of Kontiki manufacturing and repairs, We know the damage salt water and the marine environment can do to electronics and electrical wiring. Whatever drone you have – keep it out of salt water. Your REVO4 KontikiDrone will survive a swim, but it will need to be washed afterwards.

Here is a vide of a REVO drone playing in the surf.


Here is a video of the REVO4 Control system operating in water.


What wind speed can the REVO4 Handle?

The REVO4 can handle winds up to 40 km/hr or 25 knots

Stronger winds require the REVO4 to work harder which uses more battery power. This will lead to a lost of distance. Wind will cause any drone to fly either faster or slower through the air than it’s optimum flying speed.


What is the charging time for the batteries?

The battery charger supplied will charge the high performance batteries in one hour.


How long will the controller batteries last for?

The transmitter take four AA batteries and the battery status is displayed on the screen. The batteries will last for many trips and we recommend keeping a replacement set on hand.


Do I need to Calibrate the drone before every flight?

No there should be no need to calibrate the REVO4 before every flight.

Seahorse will calibrate the drone and test fly it on it’s arrival in New Zealand.

The REVO4 should not need re-calibrating, but if the drone shows any erratic flying behaviour then the drone should be re-calibrated, which is a simple process. 

Seahorse will redo all the calibrations at the annual service.


Does the Revo4 have a camera?

The REVO4 currently does not have a camera as the extra weight impacts on the flight time and payload capacity.

A fish spotting camera is being tested and will be able to be retro fitted at a later date.


Can the REVO4 cope with the harsh marine environment?

Cuta-Copter have been making fishing drones since 2014. They have learnt what works and what doesn’t and the REVO4 is designed and built to handle the tough marine environment. We even supply a complimentary bottle of Corrosion X.

Can the Seahorse Revo4 KontikiDrone experience or suffer Fly-aways

All drones have sensitive compasses which can be influenced by magnetic disturbances such as a vehicle, metal under the ground, or boot speaker magnets, and cause you to lose control of it. 

The REVO4 KontikiDrone performs pre-flight system checks to ensure everything is working. If you have any concerns you can either re-calibrate the compass or perform a short pre fishing test flight. Most fly-aways can be traced back to pilot error.


Why is the REVO4 black?

The REVO4 is black as that is the easiest colour to see against the sky.


Does the REVO4 have a Return to Home or Return to Launch function

Yes, the REVO4 has a return to home function. After positioning the controls to their centred position, flick the left hand switch towards you to select RTL and the KontikiDrone will fly back to you and automatically land. If the left hand switch is returned to the forward (away from you) position it is possible to guide the REVO4 left and right, fore and aft on the decent to ensure it lands back on the landing pad.


What flight modes does the REVO4 have.

The normal flight mode you will use the GPS controller loiter mode. In this mode the GPS position is used to position and guide the REVO4. In this mode the REVO4 knows where it is and where home (launch site) is. In GPS loiter mode, the REVO4 will loiter in a single spot and not get pushed around by the wind. It will fly in a straight line in the direction you want it to go. The Return to Home or Return to Launch function also relies on the GPS mode to guide itself home.

The second mode is the manual stabilised mode. The flight controller is still stabilising the KontikiDrone, but the GPS is not controlling it’s position. This will allow the KontikiDrone to drift with the wind and therefore it will not hold a straight course. You will also find the KontikiDrone will be far more responsive to the controls. 

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