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S30 Red Lithium Battery and Charger

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With Charger $370.00
No Charger $300.00
Charger Only $70.00
Charger or No Charger

The S30 red Lithium Batteries are only for the S30 Kontiki and the Braid Winch, and are not compatible with the other Seahorse™products due to a different connector.

The Seahorse™S30 red Lithium Batteries have been designed to cope with the massive current draws experienced in the Seahorse Kontiki and using similar technology as used in your cellphone battery.

The advantages of Lithium batteries are many, including only weighing 1.5kg's, and they deliver their full 10ah's of power, but once they are discharged, the Battery Management System in the battery will turn it off until it is recharged.

They hold their charge better than the SLA batteries, and can be left either charged or discharged for longer. Where as a SLA battery will give up to 200 cycles before they fall to 60% of their original performance, while a Lithium battery will do more cycles before reaching the same point.

Unless you already have a Seahorse S30 Lithium Charger, please order the battery with a charger.



Lithium Batteries require a specialised Lithium charger. Using a normal battery charger will damage the battery, and could cause it to explode.

Unless you already have a Seahorse Lithium Charger, please order the battery with a charger.

This type of damage is NOT COVERED under warranty.

Height - 86mm

Length - 170mm

Width - 75mm

Weight - 1.5kg

Colour - Red


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