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Seahorse™ S30 Electric Pack

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Seahorse™ S30 Electric Pack$4975.00

PLEASE NOTE: WE no longer make the S30.  We will have a new model the S33 coming out in July 2021. Please do not place orders on the website. Ring SEahorse on 07 543 0266 for more information on the new S33.

Bringing together the latest technology to deliver a powerful, compact and lightweight kontiki fishing system, that can tackle the conditions most of us fish in. Light enough for one person to carry to the beach. Perfect for the family on the move, or the motorhomer looking for a compact unit that doesn't take up too much space.


  • The S30 Seahorse™ Electric Kontiki with lightweight 30lb Thrust motor

    • 10 amp hour Lithium battery 

    • The Seahorse™ Lithium battery Charger (normal chargers do not work with Lithium batteries)

    • Night activated strobe light and flag


  • The Seahorse™ Braid Winch with:

    • 1500 meters of 140kg breaking strain line Dyneema Braid Line

      •  80 stoppered backbone, 100m dyneema leader and strop so can be used with Clip n Go traceboard

    • 10 amp hour Lithium battery 

  • The Seahorse™ "clip & go" Traceboard with 26 traces
  • 10 spare traces

  • 5 clip on weights

  • ​Operator's manual and DVD 

  • 24 Month Warranty and 30 day money back guarantee*

The Seahorse™ S30 Kontiki Is The Next Generation Of Kontiki Fishing Systems. 

Features Include Lithium Batteries, Hand Held Programmer, Braid Line, GPS Autopilots With Compact Light Weight Designs That Out Performs More Traditional Designs.

The Seahorse™ S30 Kontiki System Is Perfect Where Weight Or Storage Space Is An Issue, And Is Designed To Perform In The Conditions Most Of Us Fish.

We started with a blank piece of paper and completely re-designed the kontiki experience bring a new level of ease and simplicity to kontiki fishing. We have used the latest technology and products, and combined them with the experience and knowledge we have gained from making the worlds most popular kontiki fishing system to bring you something that has not been possible before. We have also looked at the different ways people use their Seahorse Kontiki's, and added these features to the Seahorse S30.

Team the Seahorse S30 kontiki up with your surfcaster, or shark line and haul your baits to places you haven't been able to reach before. It's time to chase those big angry fish. With the release clip, the Seahorse S30 will extend your fishing beyond your casting range, and adding a whole new dimension to your fishing experience.


The Seahorse™ S30 Kontiki

The biggest change is the size and weight. Only 8.1kg's (including the Lithium battery), the Seahorse™ S30 is less half the weight of other traditional models. Plus it has the ability to separate in half, allowing the system to fit into a tiny storage space either in the car or campervan, and it is light enough to carry to the beach.

The Mercury 30lb thrust motor delivers more than enough power to get the Seahorse S30 Kontiki out through most surf you would normally fish in. The compact streamline body, when teamed up with the Braid winch with it's low drag braid line allows the motor to use all it's power to drive forward through the surf and out to where the fish are.

The GPS autopilot system uses a directional tracking system to capture the direction you wish to send your Seahorse S30 Kontiki in. Start the motor and simply by walking 10 to 15m's in the direction you wish to fish, and the autopilot will automatically calculate a waypoint for the Seahorse S30 to steer towards.

The Seahorse S30 uses an Andriod phone App  to operate the functions of the Seahorse S30 Kontiki. Once the battery is plugged in, the Seahorse S30 Kontiki will start the autopilot, and once the rudder flicks to the left, it is ready to go. On the App, simply set the run time you want, And when you're ready, press start.

The GPS guided Autopilot system uses a simple walk and launch system. When ready, start the motor, and simply walk in the direction you wish the Kontiki to go in, and the autopilot will automatically calculate the course and set a waypoint 3km's offshore for the Seahorse S30 Kontiki to aim for. After the motor has started, pick up your S30 Kontiki and start walking towards the water. After 10 to 15 metres, the GPS autopilot will acquire it's course (rudder centers itself) and the kontiki can now be launched and sent on it's way.

The lightweight and compact design is streamlined with very little drag, allowing it to out perform more traditional kontikis. The smart design allows the Seahorse S30 to separate into two parts, and we use the tail unit as the hatch. The positive latch with it's locking pin will ensure a 100% seal every time. It's streamline shape also makes it easy to pull back to the shore, allowing your winch battery to last longer.

The Lithium battery will deliver it's full 10amps in approx 20 minutes, where SLA (Lead acid) batteries will only deliver somewhere between half and a third of their power, when used in the kontiki unit. This means we are getting more power for less weight.

The Mercury 30lb thrust motor is spinning a cut-down prop, allowing more effective delivery of power, giving more distance for your battery power The profile of the motor frame allows the Seahorse S30 to be pulled up the sand without digging in.


Seahorse™ Braid Winch

The Seahorse™ Braid Winch is powered by a 150 watt motor (same as our other Seahorse™ winches) and uses a 10ah Lithium battery. Due to the Braid line and the low drag design of the Seahorse™ S30 kontiki, this battery can retrieve the kontiki unit up to three times on one battery. We have made the Winch simple to use with a soft start three speed control unit, ensuring full power is delivered to the motor no matter what. We have retained the Pulse function, allowing you total control over the Winch whenever you need it. The Seahorse Braid Winch is a mini version of our successful eLectric Winch and it uses the same proven motor and control unit.

There is 1500 metres of 140kg/300lb breaking strain Dyneema non stretch braid and only 1.2mm in diameter. It is constructed from 8 strands, meaning if one strand is broken, the other 7 will take the strain. We place ½oz (20 grams) weights every 100 metres along the line to ensure the mainline is held on the bottom and to resist the line being pulled by side currents.

Because the Dyneema braid is non-stretch, it means we can build everything lighter and smaller, making the winch easier to carry. The small disadvantage is, being lighter, it is more likely to be pulled down the beach by big fish. Simply sit on the winch, or stake it to the ground and the problem is solved.

The winch also has a built in holder for your Seahorse S30 remote programmer

The Seahorse™ Braid Winch is the perfect partner for the  lightweight Seahorse™ S30 and the Seahorse™ Clip n go traceboard. This is the ultimate compact lightweight yet powerful kontiki fishing package, using the latest technology to deliver the best kontiki fishing experience you will ever have.

Due to the lightweight of the Braid Winch, we have found the best way to operate it is to use it as a seat and sit on it when winding in.



The simple answer is technology moves on.

Since 2002, when the first Seahorse™ electric Winch was designed, there has been two significant developments. The first being non-stretch Dyneema braid, and the second being Lithium batteries. We have all seen the changes in Rod and reel fishing since the introduction of Dyneema Braid and thankfully, our mobile phones have gotten smaller thanks to lithium batteries.

While sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries, and mono filament nylon line are still great products, there is the disadvantage of weight and the stretch in monofilament. By moving to Dyneema Braid and Lithium batteries, we have moved to the next generation of kontiki Winches. These changes will change the way we kontiki fish, plus opening up new and exciting ways to use your Seahorse™ kontiki products.

The Seahorse™ Braid Winch is lighter, approximately half the weight of a traditional electric Winch, and approximately half the size. This means it's easy for one person to carry, and it will fit in to smaller spaces. You no longer need a big quad bike to carry your fishing gear. But you might need it to carry all your fish home.



Seahorse is proud of the aluminium "clip & go"traceboard. It is lighter, stronger, cleaner than the old fashion wooden boards, it is so straightforward to use, and it can be used with a wide range of baits. The effective two-sided design of the Seahorse™ traceboard enables easy, fast, and safe attachment of the traces.

As the Seahorse Kontiki's performs, and can travel at high speed, we designed a traceboard that makes it easy for the operator to attach the traces safely and easily, and a winch that controls the line during the launch stage. Simply clip on the traces, and they go fishing.

The "clip & go" traceboard has long traces and seaharvester clips to enable quick and easy attachment. The fisher stays away from the pre-baited hooks that are automatically dispensed from the far end of the board. The traces are attached between every second or third stopper on the stoppered section of line.

The stoppers are 2m apart and with a hundresd and twenty stoppers on the mainline, you have plenty of extras. The stoppers are nylon cord tied and glued and do not affect line strength and are much better to handle than the cheaper aluminium crimps. The 25 traces can be deployed in under a minute.



  • Standard traces with 26 traces and 10 spare traces. as noted above

  • Tube traces with 26 traces and no spare traces. The tube traces help to reduce twisting issues.

  • Squiddly Traces with 26 traces and no spare traces. The Squiddy traces add movement and colour, this helping to improve your catch.

  • Squiddly Tube traces with 26 traces and no spare traces. These traces combine the benefits of the squiddy and the tubes.

  • There is also the option of clear or Luminous tubes.

  • Floating Traces our our tube traces with 2 floats, coloured either red or yellow floats, or a mixture of red and yellow floats.



Seahorse™ S30 Kontiki

  • The Seahorse™ S30 comes with the proven Mercury 30lb thrust motor. This motor delivers the power you need to tackle the conditions you normally go fishing in. Perfect for the east coast beaches and the calmer days on the West Coast. It is not recommended for tackling the massive surf conditions you can sometimes get on the west coast beaches.
  • The Seahorse S30 will travel up to 100 metres per minute, when used with the braid winch, so your baits will get to the fish quicker. The two blade prop is cut down to deliver more power with less drag, therefore giving better performance.
  • The Seahorse S30 is the lightest Kontiki anywhere. At only 8.1kg's with it's lithium battery, no-one else is close. (The lightest we could get our GPS Seahorse 30 was 14.5kg's.) This means it is easy to carry to your favorite fishing spot, and is easy to launch. Being light, we can design a lot of the buoyancy out of the design, reducing drag, and improving performance. It's like dropping a V8 into a mini.
  • The Seahorse S30 has been designed to the highest standards by our team of Kontiki experts at Seahorse. We have used all the lessons we have learnt since Seahorse started in 2001. The Seahorse S30 is built to the same high standard as our existing models, plus there are a number of innovative ideas incorporated into the design. Because of this, we can offer our 24 month warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.
  • The control unit in the Seahorse S30 has all the features you have come to expect from the Seahorse Kontikis, plus a few new ones. We now use an Anddroid phone App that is linked to your kontiki.
  • The Control unit has built in stall protection, low voltage cutout, and a minute by minute timer. You can set your  Seahorse S30 to run from 1 minute up to 30 or more minutes for a full run. The hand held programmer can also be used to stop and start the Seahorse S30 Kontiki within 300 metres of the shore. After that, it is out of range.
  • The Patented Seahorse GPS Autopilot system will steer your Seahorse S30 Kontiki towards a waypoint 3km's offshore, keeping it on course through the surf, shoreline rips and currents flowing down the beach.
  • The lightweight low buoyancy, low drag design ensures the Seahorse S30 will dive under the surf and cut through any rough water quickly ensuring it gets to your fishing spot with the minimum of effort. The design also allows for easy retrieval ensuring maximum life from your winch battery.
  • The powerful 10ah lithium battery will run the 30lb thrust Mercury motor for up to 22 minutes, meaning they greatly out perform the traditional heavy lead acid batteries. The Lithium battery is only 1.5kg's making it easy to carry extras for a full days fishing.
  • The Seahorse S30 has the innovative feature of separating into two parts. This allows us to use the tail section as the “Hatch”, as the batteries are inserted through the opening at the join of the two parts. The hinge and latch system guarantees complete watertightness, in a foolproof system anyone can operate. There is no more remember to “do up” the hatch. By separating into two parts, the Seahorse S30 is easy to store into small spaces in cars, caravans and motor homes.
  • The two sections of Seahorse S30 kontiki is held together with a self locking hinge and the positive action latch with locking pin pulls everything together and closes the battery opening. With the locking pin in place, the latch is 100% secure ensuring a watertight seal.
  • The Seahorse S30 has a offset towpoint ensuring the Mercury motor delivers all it's power to going forward, and the autopilot isn't having to battle against bad design.
  • Each Seahorse S30 Kontiki has a unique serial number to ensure positive identification of each unit. Being New Zealand's most popular kontiki unit, you'll see them being used widely throughout New Zealand. Seahorse maintains a register of owners for your benefit. - If you buy from one of our retail partners, please complete the warranty form and return it to us
  • The Seahorse S30 Kontiki is the next generation of Kontiki's. We use the latest technology and ideas to bring to you all the features you have been looking for in a Kontiki.


Seahorse™ Braid Winch

  • The Seahorse™ Braid Winch contains your mainline,  and a 80 stoppered section and 100 metre leader.
  • Please note the winch design has changed and new pictures will be coming soon.
  • The 10ah Lithium battery provides enough power to recover for three line retrievals
  • The 10ah Lithium battery has a built-in battery management system to ensure the battery is fully protected, ensuring long life. But once the battery is ran flat, the BMS will turn the battery off, until it is recharged.
  • It's advanced design makes it simple to operate and easy to clean, with the motor and control unit fully protected behind the side cover.
  • The drum is located to keep the braid line as close to the sand as possible, allowing he pull of the line to force the Winch into the sand. Please note, given the light weight of the Winch, it is likely to move sooner than heavyweight traditional winches.
  • The non stretch braid line removes the need for a drag or brake system
  • The 1.2mm Dyneema braid line is 300lb/140kg breaking strain. Being smaller in diameter, it is less likely to be pulled sideways by currents and rips, plus we weight the line with a 1/2oz (20 gram) sinker every 100 metres to help hold the line in place.
  • The Dyneema braid is constructed from 8 individual strands, meaning if one is broken, the other seven will take up the strain. If the line is damaged, simply cut out the damaged section and tie together with a double or back to back uni knot, and you are back fishing.
  • Simply connect the Winch line onto the carabina on the S30 kontiki.
  • All the wiring is done with marine grade tinned wire to ensure it can handle the tough marine environment
  • The powerful 150 watt motor and electronic control unit is protect under the side cover. The control unit is also fully encased in epoxy resin to ensure total protection
  • the simple three control unit with on/off and Pulse ensures you get full power and control to the Winch whenever you need it
  • The battery holder will also hold the Seahorse™ remote programmer.
  • A full 24 month warranty and support provides carefree operation. Call us anytime if you have a query regarding the operation of this Winch



Seahorse™ "Clip & Go" Traceboard

  • The strong aluminium frame is light weight and does not hold the smell of the fish or baits. Its design means it can be cleaned easily, and this keeps the traces and the board in top condition.
  • The convenient two sided design reduces the size of the traceboard while maximising the spacing between hooks increasing baiting options.
  • The traceboard is specifically designed to handle long trace, which has proven more successful.
  • The Seahorse™ designed and machined, trace and hook holders enable the traces to be held with minimum tension ensuring easy and safe operation.
  • Seaharvester clips and longline hooks bring commercial know-how and techniques to recreational fishing. While there are a number of techniques for attaching traces to the mainline, we have found the Seahavester clips are the quickest, easiest, and safest method of attaching traces.
  • There are Ten spare pre-tied traces included with our traceboard (in addition to the 26 on the board).





Length - 1.04m

Body Length - 43cm

Tail Length - 61cm

Width - 22cm

Depth - 48cm

Weight - 8.1kg



Length - 34cm

Width - 36.5cm

Height - 25cm

Weight - 13.5Kg



Length - 90cm

Width - 33cm

Depth - 8cm

Weight - 2.4kg



Below are a selection of our instructional videos. To view all our videos, please go to the bottom of our resourses page - click on link, or view below.

Currently we do not have any videos relating to the Seahorse S30



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