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Seahorse™ Autofeed Traceboard

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Seahorse™ Autofeed Traceboard$515.00

The Seahorse Autofeed traceboard is a simple, easy to use, “hands free” way of launching your traces and baits from the beach.

Simply connect one end to the new Seahorse S30 kontiki, and the other to the mainline on the Seahorse Braid Winch, and the baited hooks automatically deploy off the board as the line goes out.

The Seahorse Autofeed Traceboard comes with;

  • The polyethylene autofeed traceboard tray

  • A polyethylene carry/storage case

  • The 55 metre backbone of 2mm polyester backbone line with 25 traces and hooks.

  • The 50 metre leader to connect the backbone to the Seahorse kontiki unit

  • A 20oz directional weight to keep the anchor the Seahorse S30 kontiki in place.

  • Heavy duty clips and swivels at each end to eliminate any twisting issues

  • 25 traces with hooks, swivels and clips

  • The polyethylene carry case with carry strap

  • The H peg to lock the traceboard to the beach


Seahorse Autofeed Traceboard

Traditional methods require you to attach the traces to the stoppered section of the line as the kontiki pulls the line out to sea. On retrieval these traces need to be removed. The new Seahorse Autofeed Traceboard has the traces already tied onto the backbone and the baited hooks are automatically pulled off the board safely and “hands free” while you watch.

Simply connect the leader to the Kontiki, and the other to the mainline on the Winch (or the second line), bait the hooks and you are already to launch.

Once launched, the Kontiki pulls the 50m leader off the beach followed by the 20oz breakaway weight. Behind the weight is the 25 traces tied to the backbone, with each hook (and bait) held in it's own slot. As the line pulls out, each hook will be pulled out of it's slot, one after another. Following the traces, is the end 4oz weight, followed by the mainline that is pulled off the Seahorse Braid Winch. Please note the Seahorse Autofeed Traceboard can be used with any winch. Simply attach the mainline end of the backbone to the line on the Winch, and you're fishing.

On retrieval, simply pull the backbone and traces (including the fish) on to the beach. You can also pull the leader line and the Kontiki in at this stage. Once everything is on the beach, remove the fish into the Seahorse Cooly Bag, and any unused baits baits from the hooks. Now lay the backbone into the trace on the traceboard, slotting each hook into their slots so they are ready for the next fishing trip. Finally lay the leader line on top and slide the Seahorse Autofeed traceboard back into it carry case.

The Seahorse Autofeed traceboard can be used as a dropper rig by attaching both the retrieval line and the Autofeed Traceboard line to the back of the Kontiki.




  • The Polyethylene carry case. This cast keeps everything together, and it evens allows you to bait up at home and carry the traceboard to the beach without dripping bait juice everywhere.

  • The stainless steel “H” rugby post stand, firstly locks the Autofeed Traceboard into the sand, and secondly it will hold a second drum of line, if you are using the two line system.

  • The directional 20 oz weight pack is on a separate break away line.

  • The 25 hooks are on short traces that can be replaced if required.

  • The 25 hooks are held in individual slots along the front of the board for easy deployment.

  • The 55 metre 2mm polyester line backbone line is kept in a specially designed tray to ensure tangle free dispensing of the line and the hooks.

Length - 70cm

Width - 30cm

Height - 10cm

Weight - 7kg with case

Below are a selection of our instructional videos. To view all our videos, please go to the bottom of our resourses page - click on link, or view below.

Currently we do not have any videos relating to the new Seahorse Autofeed Traceboard. - It's that new.



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