Tairua Boat Show

The Tairua Boat show is on 8th & 9th August from 10am – 5pm at the Tairua Marina.

Entry is Free

Seahorse Kontiki’s have a stand. Phil will be there to answer your questions and take orders with free shipping.

He will have a GPS 46lb kontiki, winch and trolley on display, as well as our Revo 4 Drone.

There will be over 80 new model boats on display and lots of marine electronics, fishing tackle and spearfishing gear.

Spring is here
5 October 2018
Spring is here and its getting warmer out there!
So a perfect time to get your Seahorse and winch out of the shed and get them ready for the summer fishing season.
First thing is to check your battery and control unit connections to make sure they are clean and in good order and check for any corrosion.
Make sure your batteries are fully charged. To check if the run times are OK, put one battery in at a time in your kontiki. Then run in water in a large wheely bin or large plastic drum. A 14ah should run for 12-14 minutes and a 8ah for 6-8 minutes. Check the battery for hot spots once the run is finished. If the battery has a hot spot it maybe faulty. Normally you would expected to get around 3 years from your batteries in the kontiki. Always remember to keep your lead acid batteries charged. If you are not using during the winter top the batteries up every couple of months.
Your hooks should be clean and sharp. We carry a wide range of ready made traces.
When pulling in your line check for any rough or frayed spots and if possible mark these areas. This makes it so much easier for us when having to repair these areas.
If your line is over 5 years old then its most likely time for a front section or full line replacement.
We are happy to service your kontiki and or winch and test your batteries. The service fee is $60.00. If you notice a fault please give us a call and we can decide if we need it here at the factory for a check. With summer coming repairs will take a few days. If you give us a call before coming in we can advise current wait times.
We get very busy with the lead up to Christmas and can not always do repairs on the spot. We will do our best to fit in with your time frame but this isn’t always possible.
Please keep an eye on the website and Facebook for all Christmas and New Year opening and closing times.
Wishing you all a great weekends fishing.


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