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Kontiki maintenance
20 August 2018
We often get asked, "How do I maintain my kontiki to keep it in good condition?"
After you have used your kontiki, it is important to wash it down with warm soapy water to remove any salt residue. Pay attention to the motor area and around prop, so no sand or salt builds up, and then rinse clean.
If you do get salt water inside your kontiki, wash it out with warm soapy water, then rinse with clean water. Dry it out thoroughly in the sun or the hot water cupboard with the hatch lid off.
Remember to charge your batteries after use. Do not leave a lead acid battery uncharged. Do not charge your batteries when inside the kontiki, and store your kontiki with the hatch lid off.
You need to keep the hatch seal clean to ensure a good seal. Clean off any salt residue with cleaning alcohol. You can use a small amount of vaseline on the seal to keep it supple. This will also help to give a good seal when the hatch lid id on.
The battery and control unit connectors need to be clean, or corrosion can happen. Clean the connector and put a small blob of vaseline in the connector every 4-5 times of use. Check the lead and connector for any discolouring or fraying. If this is not fixed then the connectors can over heat and melt.
Doing a few things like these, keep your kontiki in good working order, so you can go fishing at a moments notice!


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