Tairua Boat Show

The Tairua Boat show is on 8th & 9th August from 10am – 5pm at the Tairua Marina.

Entry is Free

Seahorse Kontiki’s have a stand. Phil will be there to answer your questions and take orders with free shipping.

He will have a GPS 46lb kontiki, winch and trolley on display, as well as our Revo 4 Drone.

There will be over 80 new model boats on display and lots of marine electronics, fishing tackle and spearfishing gear.

Who are we and what do we do?
3 August 2018

Gosh its Friday afternoon already.

Grey wet and cold here in Tauranga, and apparently going to be for the weekend too yuk!


Phil and I employ 4 full time staff, 2 part time and we have a couple of students who come back to work with us during University holidays.

Mikki is our production manager. He is the calibration wizard ensuring all your GPS kontiki’s work perfectly. In his spare time he is into radio controlled cars.

Sharlene is a Seahorse Techinican and also does all the orders and packing out. She loves to climb the Mt in her spare time.

Josh is our Winch Techinican, and he also makes the S30 kontiki’s. He is into keeping fit and enjoys boxing.

Jamie is another Seahorse Techinican, and is the motorized trolley whizz. He doesn’t have much spare time as he has two young children!

Daniel is a part time Seahorse Techinican, who assembles the kontiki’s. He is leaving us in September to continue his Education by getting a Masters Degree at Oxford University in the U.K.

Reece works part time as a trace maker, and helps out with batteries. He would love to play Rugby proffessionaly.

Lucas, is at Waikato University, and helps out in his holidays doing batteries, charger leads and making traces.

Tracey, I do the purchasing, sales, health and safety and general day to day office work. I enjoy going out for coffee with friends and occasionaly going to the gym!

Phil does the marketing, accounts and dealing with agents. He also does most of our research and development. In his spare time he is normally down the yacht club sailing his Tornado.


Have a great weekend, stay warm and safe. If you do get out fishing remember we love fishy photos!

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