Friday already!
6 July 2018

Whoops – I just realized that I forgot my Friday Blog last week, where has that time gone!

Here at the Seahorse Factory in sunny Tauranga we have 4 full time staff, 2 part time plus Phil and myself. In the university holidays we often have a couple of extras! Phoebe, our daughter often helps out in the summer and when she is in the country, presently she is in South Africa, I think!

Lucas started tying traces for us when he was in year 10 at school, at home. Later on he started to work part time in the school holidays. He has graduated from trace packs to making batteries and Electric Trolleys to name a few. Lucas is now at Waikato University studying Engineering. He popped back this Uni break to give us a hand. He is currently screwing on the trace and hook bars on the trace boards. We like to give him the best jobs!

We are a small business, but very much a family and have loved having our children's friends here to gain work experience. Phil and I enjoy chatting to our customers on the phone and in the showroom, and lots of you have become friends. Heather the fisher chick from Waihi Beach often pops in with a tray of muffins for morning tea. We love when regular customers like Brenda and Sonny, or Rob pop in to get parts or to say Hello.

Manufacturing Kontiki's, winches and trolleys is one part of our job. We also import all the batteries from China, and solder on the leads. The trace packs are made in our factory. We also service and repair your kontiki's when needed.


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