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Mikki's Moment
25 June 2018

Mikki is 52 years old and was born in the Lake Districk in the U.K

He worked for Bristish Nuclear Fuels for 21 Years at Sellafield in Cumbria. He was an Electrical engineer. Supervising a team of 30 people in the Research and Techology Department.

They ensured the plant had the best technology to run the instrument and electrical applications.

The site had a total of 16000 employees.

Mikki was also a golf professional, of which he no longer practices.

MiKki is our production manager at Seahorse Electric Kontiki's. His key role is to help with the running of the Factory and supervising the factory staff. This ensures that our products are made to a very high standard.

Mikki is a very hands on manager. Whether it be calibrating the technology in the GPS kontiki’s or assembling kontiki’s. When he has time he enjoys talking to the customers about fishing and golf.

It is a pleasure working with Mikki ensuring we have a safe and happy enviroment in the factory for all staff and customers.

Next week, its Sharlene turn, who many of you would have spoken to on the phone.


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